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We are a startup that has made it our mission to develop intelligent solutions for the care industry and thus support them.

We are revolutionizing care

nevisQ is a classic example of how an idea developed in studies can turn into something big. When the founders met in 2015, they had each privately had their own experiences with the care situation in Germany. Fired up by the vision of revolutionizing a whole sector using innovative technology and at the same time doing something to benefit society, the four friends founded nevisQ. After nearly three years of product development and various ups and downs, they presented nevisCura. From the start, the team received public funding, for example from the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, the European Commission and NRW.Bank. Private individuals also provided enormous support to the founders in the early stages and financed the development to series production. In 2017 nevisQ equipped the first rooms in care facilities, and the first installations abroad followed in 2018. There are now 16 bright sparks working at the multi-award-winning company. Every day, all of them do their best to make the original vision a reality.

Managing Directors

Christian Kind | Geschäftsführer nevisQ
Christian Kind
Business Development & Finances
Stelios Katsanevakis
Research & Development

Our vision

  • We believe in a society in which every person can grow old with dignity.
  • We believe that freedom and safety must go hand in hand.
  • We believe that smart technology has a major role to play in this.
  • We have designed nevisCura to support people in care and their caregivers using smart space technologies.
  • nevisCura stands for safety, assistance, simplicity and freedom.

Our mission

  • We develop smart room technologies for everyone – while preserving privacy.
  • We offer solutions that can be integrated into people’s lives, which make their work easier or create added value, which are at the same time aesthetically pleasing and preserve the freedom of the individual.
  • nevisQ stands for innovation, freedom, customer focus and quality.

Our corporate values are based on three pillars:


  • We want to UNDERSTAND FIRST. A diverse team with different perspectives, experiences and ways of thinking is our key to success. But it also means that we must first understand the other person’s position before we react.
  • We use our words with CARE. In conflicts, the “how” often plays a bigger role than the “what”. We therefore put ourselves in our counterpart’s shoes and communicate appropriately and respectfully.
  • We enable others to be PROUD of themselves. We want to be successful together as a team, at the same time every single team member should be able to write their own personal story at nevisQ.
  • We are THANKFUL for all external influences. We see criticism and problems as an opportunity to learn and grow. When we lose a customer, we gratefully accept the feedback to improve our products in the future.



  • We THINK BIG. We set ourselves ambitious goals and work ambitiously towards achieving them. We strive for excellent solutions that inspire people.
  • We are hungry to LEARN, every single day. We actively look for opportunities to grow, to realize our own potential. We encourage sharing with each other and look for new inspiration.
  • We QUESTION others and ourselves, always with the goal of creating a better version of nevisQ and becoming ourselves. Criticism is important, but we criticize to help. If one thing didn’t go well, we address it openly and clearly to learn from it for the future.
  • We encourage CREATIVITY. New ideas are always welcome and are developed further in joint discourse. Ideas can arise at any time; during work, in conversation at the coffee machine or in the supermarket. We create a climate in which creativity can flourish and the best ideas can ultimately be implemented in a targeted manner.



  • The RESULT COUNTS. We are not looking for perfect solutions, but optimal ones. There are no bonus points for the largest decision tree.
  • We INFLUENCE everything we can. We focus on the things that we ourselves have in our hands and can proactively influence. At the same time, we try bit by bit to increase our influence. When there are delays in planning, we ask ourselves what we can do ourselves to make up for the delay.
  • We act RESPONSIBLY. Through Spiderman, we know: With great power comes great responsibility. True to this motto, we always consider the impact of our own work, both for the team, for the company and our customers, as well as for society and the environment.
  • We act TOGETHER. We work across business units in interdisciplinary teams, with the best idea winning in the end. We celebrate small and big successes together and support each other where necessary.

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