The technology behind the nevisCura room sensor

nevisCura is based on innovative technology developed in Germany that is easy for anyone to use. It is made up of three components and turns a product into the perfect solution to relieve caregivers in their daily work and give freedom and security to people in need of care.

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Technical masterpiece: Sensor tape

The sensor tape is based on known infrared technology and is therefore completely harmless to humans. To completely “illuminate” the room, it is placed all around at the height of the baseboards. The result: a long sensor that becomes one with the room and spans an invisible network of infrared rays across the floor. This sensor enables the detection of objects, movements and activities, such as falls. If a fall occurs in the room, the sensor system detects the fall within seconds and subsequently triggers an alarm. But the sensor band also provides valuable information beyond this, making deviations from movement patterns or routines visible. The nature of the sensor tape and its high level of discretion also allow it to be installed in rooms with high levels of humidity, such as bathrooms.

Small but mighty: nevisCura base station

The base station is a Linux-based computer developed specifically for the solution. It serves as the interface for the sensor band, portal and call system. This is where all the data comes together centrally. But the real intelligence is in the software that runs on the base station and uses various algorithms to interpret events in real time. All they need is an Internet connection via WLAN. Regular software updates with new features, improvements and security precautions ensure maximum investment protection and longevity of the installation.

Computer-Vision & Machine-Learning

Computer vision is used to visualize the data supplied by the sensor tape. Objects in the room can be derived from this data. This makes furniture and objects in the room visible, as well as the activities of people. And all of this is done without cameras, in order to preserve privacy. The interpretation of motion profiles and the decision as to whether a fall has occurred are made by machine learning algorithms. The algorithms are so intelligent that they can distinguish between a piece of clothing falling to the ground and a person falling – all in real time.

Safety considered from the start.

You entrust nevisCura with your data, we protect it. That is why we have attached great importance to the protection of your data from the very beginning. All data is protected by comprehensive privacy and security measures, all activities are pseudonymized and the various communication channels are encrypted. Many things happen on your local network, so the data never leaves your premises.

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nevisCura Portal

The nevisCura portal is the control center of the entire solution. Here, settings for the individual rooms can be made via any computer.


  • Individual settings
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Browser based application
  • Analysis and activity profile

One technology, many applications

We are convinced that our innovative solution can also revolutionize other industries. Therefore, we are always looking for partners who would like to further develop the solution with us. Contact us if you would like to use the sensor system for your application.

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