Smart, digital and above all preventive!

nevisCura provides a safe environment for people who require care and makes the daily work of care staff easier. That’s because nevisCura is active day and night, analyzing activity in the room discreetly and reporting falls at once.

Why nevisCura?

Because of the solution’s many benefits!

Assistance for care staff

Care staff usually have a great many things to think about at the same time. nevisCura takes over one part of their work and offers the certainty that the alarm will be raised in the event of an emergency.

Saves time and money in the long term

nevisCura cuts out unnecessary walking, additional documentation and staff absences due to overwork. That saves time and money.

Higher quality of care

Additional information provided by fall reports and activity analyses, rapid assistance in the case of falls or critical situations; nevisCura enables a new level of quality in care.

Prevention instead of reaction

nevisCura evaluates nighttime activity as well as lack of movement or walking. This information assists caregivers in preventing falls and detecting any deterioration in health early on.


With smart, reliable support around the clock!

Fall detection

Fall detection is the core function of the solution. Falls are detected in real time and trigger the alarm automatically.

Fall prevention

Evaluate situations just before and after a fall to identify the reasons for the fall and prevent it happening in future.

Basisstation rund

Night alarm

If a resident gets out of bed during the night, the system triggers an alarm. This allows care staff to come and offer assistance before a dangerous situation develops.

Night light

The night light integrated in the base station provides gentle illumination to help residents distinguish trip hazards and obstacles more easily.

Activity analysis

nevisCura allows for long-term analysis that provides information about activity in the room. Get advice from our experts and experience the benefits of nevisCura in your facility.

Get advice from our experts and experience the benefits of nevisCura in your facility.


A sensor, a tiny computer, artificial intelligence and a whole lot of dedication!

The solution is made up of several components that have been developed in perfect harmony with each other. The result is one optimally coordinated solution, with reliable operation that facilitates care on a whole new level.

Sensor strip

The unique sensor strip is mounted a few centimeters above the floor at the level of the baseboard. Once installed, it detects objects and people in the room and tracks movements.

Base station

The base station is a computer specially developed for the solution. This is where all the threads come together – and are sorted out again: movements are analyzed, data is encrypted to the highest standards, and changes made in the portal are applied.

Artificial intelligence

Shapes and movements in the room are detected by means of computer vision algorithms. Machine learning algorithms interpret the data and trigger an alarm in an emergency.


nevisCura can be installed everywhere, including in rooms already set up for care!

Stationary care

Care staff constantly have their hands full. nevisCura takes over one part of their responsibilities, as they can be certain of being alerted in an emergency.


Falls are a serious issue for clinics as well. nevisCura takes on an active role here, too, supporting care staff in their day-to-day functions.

Assisted living

You are responsible for the safety of your patients throughout the day. Let nevisCura take on some of the responsibility and help look after safety.


The system is scalable and is completely configured to your requirements!

Small-scale installations

Even having just a few rooms equipped with nevisCura helps reduce the workload for care staff. Throughout the day and night, nevisCura keeps an eye on residents who are at particular risk of falling.

Medium-scale installations

As the number of rooms increases, so too does the number of residents. No problem for nevisCura – additional rooms can be easily incorporated into the system with little effort.

Large-scale installations

Facilities with numerous residents at risk of falling place significant demands on care staff. Here, too, nevisCura keeps an overview and offers maximum safety for the residents.


Quickly and simply in just a few steps!

Basisstation nevisCura

Quick installation

Installing the sensor strip and base station takes less than 60 minutes per room.

Integration into the wireless network

Communication between the nevisCura components requires Wi-Fi connection. Don’t have comprehensive Wi-Fi coverage yet? No problem – we can take care of that for you, too!

Alarm connection

nevisCura is compatible with all nurse call systems. However, you also have the option of using a TCP/IP connection or a software interface. Get in touch!

Would you like to try out nevisCura in your facility?


It’s user-friendly, intuitive and can be operated from any PC!

Individual settings for every room

Switch functions on or off, depending on the needs of individual residents. Set the intervals at which functions will be carried out.

All info at a glance

See the most recent activity, the movement profile or the current status of rooms.

Easily scalable

When new rooms are added, they are automatically integrated into the portal where functions can be switched on or off.

Wo wurde das System bereits intalliert?

Bei vielen zufriedenen Kunden!

Wir möchten den Bewohnern unserer Einrichtung nur das Beste bieten. Mit dem Sensorband von nevisQ konnten wir ihnen ein Stück Lebensqualität zurückgeben. Wir sind sehr zufrieden und sagen im Namen von XY Danke!
David Link
Wir haben lange nach dem richtigen System gesucht, womit wir Stürze erfassen und vorbeugen können. Das Sensorband von nevisQ bietet beides und iston Top noch so diskret, dass der Bewohner in keinster Weise eingeschränkt wird.
Stelios Katsanevakis

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Experience the benefits of nevisCura in your facility.

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