Intelligent baseboards for fall detection and prevention

The room sensor from nevisCura is an innovative sensor system that is installed all around the room at the level of the baseboards. Once installed, it reports falls immediately and automatically. The solution thus offers maximum protection for residents and noticeably relieves caregivers.


Relieved personnel

The intelligent technology reliably reports falls via the connected alarm unit. This reduces visual checks to a minimum, saves time and effectively relieves the nursing staff.


Real time fall detection

The nevisCura room sensor detects falls in real time and triggers an alarm within seconds. This allows the nursing staff to help the fallen person quickly and prevent dire consequences.


For any common alarm unit

Due to our experience we can guarantee a connection for almost every call system. No matter if the call system is brand new or already older. We are happy to support you.


Installed in 60 minutes

Unlike many other solutions, installation is simple and, above all, fast. The sensor band is simply attached to the base plate and connected to the base station. The system is ready for use.


Dementia friendly & discreet

The sensor band is almost invisible and therefore neither distracting nor irritating. This is particularly important for people with dementia, who feel irritated by even the smallest changes.


Time and cost reduction

The nevisCura room sensor reduces walking distances for nursing staff and regular visual checks. This saves time. The future-proof hardware and regular updates protect your investment.

Who is the product for?

Stationary care
Care staff constantly have their hands full. nevisCura takes over one part of their responsibilities, as they can be certain of being alerted in an emergency.
Falls are also a serious issue in hospitals. nevisCura also takes an active role here and supports caregivers in their daily routine.
Day care
You are responsible for the safety of your patients throughout the day. Let nevisCura take on some of the responsibility and help look after safety.
Seniors living community
Safety is also a top priority in this new form of living. Especially in the rooms where there is no visual control of the daily companions, the room sensor offers the greatest security.

The product explained in 120 seconds


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The technology behind the nevisCura room sensor

The nevisCura room sensor is based on innovative technology developed in Germany that is easy for anyone to use. It consists of three components and turns a product into the perfect solution to relieve caregivers in their daily work and give people in need of care freedom and security.

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