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The bed sensor from nevisCura is an intelligent bed exit alarm that makes everyday work noticeably easier for caregivers. Once attached to the bed in just a few simple steps, the silent guard discreetly signals when a resident wants to leave the bed – even before he or she has set foot on the floor. And best of all, the sensor is compatible with any standard nurse call system.

Choose the color that matches your care facility.

Natural beech

Makes the sensor almost blend in with the bed and is unobtrusive. Perfect for residents who are uncomfortable with changes in the room.

Light gray

Fits perfectly with all other equipment to be operated by caregivers and stands out from the bed. Perfect for seniors for whom the devices provide security.

Cherry wood orange

The right shade for beds with dark wood. Here, the bed sensor harmonizes perfectly with the furniture and blends inconspicuously into the room concept.

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What customers say about us:



The nevisCura bed sensor is a super invention! Everything works perfectly! With the team of nevisQ it is a very nice cooperation and all employees are really very friendly.

– Marienstift Alpen –

What customers say about us:



The caregivers are enthusiastic about the bed sensor. Even if a resident sits on the edge of the bed, the caregivers are reliably alerted and can help the resident. It’s really great that people in the care sector are so committed and develop new things.

– Vitusheim in Mönchengladbach –

What customers say about us:



The bed sensors are in use and doing very well. The team in Aach is very happy with the devices. They are robust, reliable and look good to boot!

-Hegau-Bodensee-Diakonie gGmbH –

What customers say about us:



The bed sensor from nevisCura is a super help for our facility and the entire care sector.
Both residents and staff benefit from the additional safety and relief.

– Vivias – Interkommunale Eifel –

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