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We are a startup based in Aachen with a mission to make the care sector fit for the future. Our solution nevisCura detects and prevents falls using modern sensor technology, enabling safe and independent living for people in need of care. At the same time, it supports caregivers and offers them new possibilities for individualized care.


We have designed nevisCura to support people in care, and their caregivers, using smart spatial technologies. nevisCura stands for safety, assistance, simplicity and freedom. nevisCura analyzes activity in the room automatically and with total discretion – no cameras, wearables or microphones!

Sturzerkennung Alarm

Fall detection

nevisCura detects falls in real time and instantly notifies caregivers. Automatically!

Sturzpräventation Icon

Fall prevention

Reduce the number of falls and their consequences in your facility! Later you can evaluate activities just before and after the fall, as nevisCura provides information about the reasons for the fall and helps to prevent future occurrences.

Aktivitätsprofil nevisCura

Activity profile

With nevisCura, you can trace the activities of those in your care and identify critical changes at an early stage. nevisCura thereby helps with earlier detection of any deterioration in health.

nevisCura is both a helping hand for caregivers and a guardian angel for those in their care.

WHY nevisCura?

Assistance for care staff

Higher quality of care

Long-term savings in time and money


Fall prevention


Investment in the future

Once installed, nevisCura becomes a reliable and innovative solution for you, now and in the future. Regular software updates provide you with new features, while system maintenance carries on discreetly in the background.

Maximum freedom for those in your care

In the case of a fall or similarly critical situation, nevisCura automatically triggers an alarm. The person in care doesn’t need to carry anything with them or press an emergency button.

Our focus is on you

As we continue to develop nevisCura, we are working closely with our customers to ensure the solution reflects specific requirements and processes based on practical experience. We can also adapt our pricing model to your needs.

Absolute personal privacy

The privacy of residents is our highest priority, which is why we maintain the highest privacy standards and do not use cameras or microphones. All data is encrypted!


nevisCura is based on innovative technology developed in Germany and is easy enough for anyone to operate. Three components come together to form one product that delivers the perfect solution for assisting care staff and providing freedom and safety for those in their care.

Sensor strip

Our innovative sensor strip can distinguish between movements, fixtures and falls by means of an invisible grid of infrared connections covering the floor, which detects interruptions in the connection caused by people or pieces of furniture, for example.


Aided by machine learning and computer vision algorithms, the system analyzes and classifies the data collected by the sensor strip. It can detect whether a person has fallen or if an item of clothing has simply dropped to the floor, along with the location of individuals in the space. 

Smart analysis

The data can be linked with other devices and platforms such as the relevant care documentation. Smart analysis allows anomalies to be identified early, so that preventive measures can be taken where required.

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