Frequently asked questions about the nevisCura room sensor


Which functions are currently available?

Fall detection: a fall is reported to caregivers within a few seconds.
Night light: a discreet light in the base station can be switched on and off.
Whereabouts profile: Information on whereabouts of people in the room.
Fall reports: Information on what happened before and after a fall.

In which colors is the sensor band available?

At the moment, the sensor band is available in black.

Is the solution a custodial measure?

No. This is confirmed by several district courts.

Is the solution privacy compliant?

Yes, we work with an external data protection officer from BlueDatex GmbH to ensure data protection. BlueDatex GmbH specializes in data protection in the healthcare sector.


How does the solution work?

Infrared sensor technology is built into the sensor band. When the sensor tape is placed all around the room, this creates thousands of light barriers in the room. Objects or people in the room interrupt these light barriers, which is detected by the system. With the help of intelligent software (“computer vision”, “machine learning”) a 2-dimensional image of the room is created and movements are classified. This allows different situations to be distinguished, such as walking through the room, a fall, putting down a blanket, moving a cupboard, and many more.

Is the infrared dangerous?

No. The infrared light is comparable to the infrared signal of a TV remote control.

Is the sensor band waterproof?

Yes. The sheathing is also used for LED strips on cruise ships.

Is the sensor tape resistant to cleaning agents?



How is the base station connected to the sensor band?

The base station is connected to the sensor band via a cable.

At what height can I install the sensor tape?

To obtain the highest possible accuracy, the sensor tape should be installed at a height of 1-3 centimeters above the floor.


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