Unique infrared sensor system for fall detection and activity analysis in rooms

Technical tour de force

Sensor strip

The sensor strip is based on well-known infrared technology and is therefore completely safe for people. To “illuminate” the room fully, it is mounted at the height of the baseboard all the way round. The result is a long sensor that is fully integrated into the space and spreads an invisible grid of infrared beams over the floor. This sensor makes it possible to detect objects, movements and activity, such as falls.

Sensorband im Raum nevisQ

If someone falls in the room, the sensor system identifies the fall within seconds and immediately triggers an alarm. Beyond this, however, the sensor strip also delivers valuable information that reveals deviations from typical movement patterns or routines. The composition of the sensor strip and its high level of discretion mean it can also be installed in spaces with high humidity, such as bathrooms.

Small but mighty: nevisCura base station

The base station is a Linux-based computer specially developed for the solution. It serves as an interface for the sensor strip, portal and call system. This is the central location where all data is gathered together. The real intelligence, however, is found in the software that runs on the base station and interprets events in real time using various algorithms. And all it needs is a wireless internet connection. Regular software updates with new features, improvements and security measures ensure maximum protection of your investment and a long lifespan for the installation.

Artificial intelligence

Computer vision & machine learning

The data provided by the sensor strip is visualized with the help of computer vision. This enables deduction of the objects in the room. Furniture and inanimate objects become visible, as well as human activity. And all of this is achieved without the use of cameras, thus preserving privacy. 

Desktop nevisCura Portal Screenshot
Screeshot nevisCura Tablet

The system uses machine learning algorithms to interpret movement patterns and decide whether a fall has occurred. These algorithms are so smart they can distinguish between an item of clothing falling to the floor and a person falling down – all in real time.

Security from the start

You trust nevisCura with your data, and we protect it. That is why we have placed the greatest importance on the protection of your data from the start. All data is protected by means of comprehensive privacy and security measures, all activity is pseudonymized and the various communication channels are encrypted. Many processes take place within your local network, so your data never leaves your premises.

nevisCura portal

The nevisCura portal is the control center for the entire solution. This is where settings can be adjusted for individual rooms using any computer.

Individuelle Einstellungen nevisCura Portal

Individual settings

Adapt the settings for every room individually, switch functions on or off and set time intervals.

Übersicht Räume nevisCura Portal

Intuitive user interface

A modern interface ensures simple operation. You can adjust settings with just a few clicks.

Login Screenshot nevisCura

Browser-based application

Use any browser to access the portal, or operate it easily via a smartphone or tablet.

Aufenthaltsprofil nevisCura Portal

Analysis & activity profiles

Access all analysis of activity in the room with just a few clicks, or analyze the moments just before or after a fall to help prevent the same thing happening in future.

One Technology, numerous Applications

We believe that our innovative solution has the potential to revolutionize other sectors as well. We are always on the lookout for partners who want to work with us to develop the solution further. Get in touch if you are interested in using the sensor system for your application.

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