Fall detection: falls are reported to care staff within seconds.
Night light: a discreet light in the base station can be switched on and off.
Movement profile: information on the locations of people in the room.
Fall reports: information on activity before and after a fall.

At the moment the sensor strip is available in black.

No. This has been confirmed for us by several courts of law.

Yes, we work with an external data protection officer from BlueDatex GmbH to guarantee data protection. BlueDatex GmbH specializes in data protection in healthcare.


The sensor strip is equipped with an infrared sensor system. When the sensor strip is mounted all the way round the space, it creates thousands of light barriers across the floor. Objects or people in the room interrupt these light barriers, which the system detects. Smart software (computer vision and machinelearning) generates a two-dimensional image of the space and classifies movements. This means the system can distinguish between different situations – walking through a room, a person falling, a blanket dropping to the floor, a cabinet being moved, etc.

No. The infrared light is similar to the infrared signal on a TV remote.

Yes. The casing is also used for LED strips on cruise ships.



The base station is connected to the sensor strip via a cable.

To achieve the greatest possible accuracy, the sensor strip should be installed at a height of one to three centimeters above the floor.

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