Frequently asked questions


Currently the device offers the following functions:

  • Detection of bed exits and alarm triggering before a foot is placed on the floor
  • Falling out of bed is detected as bed exit & an alarm is triggered
  • Distinguishing between people in front of the bed and people leaving the bed
  • Blankets hanging over the device do not trigger a false alarm, but do not block the alarm even if someone really gets out of bed

The device has the following dimensions: length 100 cm; width 6 cm; height 2.2 cm

The integrated WLAN module will enable fast and uncomplicated software updates to the device in the future. Thus the bed sensor is always up to date and maximally secure. 

Basically, the WLAN has no influence on the basic function (bed leaving alarm) of the bed sensor. In the future it will be used to play automatic software updates on the device. Even if the device also works without WLAN, we recommend connecting the device to the Internet in the long term. This way you can benefit from regular updates and always new functions. We are happy to help you find the right WLAN solution for your facility.

The device is to become even more intelligent in the future. Individual settings per device will be possible, which are exactly adapted to the resident. In addition, bed entrances will also be recognized and a chronicle of activities will be made available. 

Yes, the bed sensor has CE certification.


The installation of the device is simple and takes no more than 2 minutes. To do so, simply click the hooks provided onto the bar and then hook them onto the respective bed frame. Afterwards, the sensor only needs to be coupled with the call system. And the device is ready for use. 

Together with the bed sensor, you will also receive detailed installation instructions to make installation easier.

If you have difficulties with the installation, we will be happy to help you. Please contact our customer service on +49 241 927 8840 20.

Order & Delivery

When you pre-order your equipment, you do not have to pay for it. You will only receive the invoice when your order is on its way to you. We will send you regular information about your delivery status.

We are currently in the process of completing the final test phase under real conditions and finishing the product. Then we will go into production for the first delivery. We will be able to deliver from Q1/2021 and we will keep you informed about your order so that you always know which steps are still missing until you receive your delivery. 

We will inform you by e-mail at regular intervals about the status of your order. This way you always know exactly what we are working on so that your delivery reaches you on time. Should you have any further questions, you can of course contact us at any time. You can reach our customer service at:

We are happy to help you! Send us an e-mail at or call us at +49 241 927884010.