The bed sensor from nevisCura is an intelligent bed exit alarm that makes the daily work of caregivers noticeably easier. Once attached to the bed in just a few simple steps, the silent guard discreetly signals when a resident wishes to leave the bed – even before they have set foot on the floor.

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The nursing staff can help the resident as soon as he or she gets up, which reduces the risk of falling to a minimum.

False alarms

The intelligent technology prevents false alarms and only informs nursing staff when a dangerous situation exists.


The insensitive plastic is easy to care for and can be easily washed off without having to disassembling the device.



The bed sensor is almost invisible to the resident. This is not only really chic, but also makes sense. Because residents are not tempted to bypass the system, as is often the case with a sensor mat.

Investment protection

The device is durable and future-proof. The hardware is dimensioned so that it can be used for years and can be updated with updates. Various interfaces enable the connection to care software.


The bed sensor puts an end to time-consuming moving of the sensor mat and unnecessary walking distances due to false alarms. This is not only back-friendly, but also saves time.


The bed sensor from nevisCura is available from Q1/2021. To celebrate this milestone together with you, you will receive an exclusive discount on your pre-order until 31.12.2020.

Or would you prefer to test the bed sensor first without obligation? Then you can request a test device here. Test bed sensor


Bettsensor am Bett

Intelligent, differentiated & accurate

The bed sensor reliably analyzes the area in front of the nursing bed. It can differentiate exactly whether a resident wants to leave the bed or, for example, whether part of the blanket is hanging out of the bed. A further plus point: The device can distinguish exactly whether a caregiver or a visitor is in front of the bed without triggering an alarm. This makes handling in everyday life much easier than with a sensor mat, as it has to be moved constantly to prevent an alarm from being triggered accidentally.

Unpack, attach & switch on

The bed sensor is delivered to you fully assembled. You do not need any craftsmanship for the installation on the bed. We deliver everything you need for the installation: Mounting material, a nice manual and an explanation video. After mounting the device on the bed, it only needs to be connected to the power supply, the sensor is connected to the call system and the device is ready for use.

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Bettsensor nevisCura

Simple, easy to clean & efficient

The handling of the device is very easy: It is simply switched on and off by a switch, the rest is done automatically. For example, if it is not needed during the day, the device can simply be switched off. This is good for the environment, saves costs and makes handling much easier for nursing staff than a sensor mat.

You still have questions?

Here you will find all answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Bed Exit Alarm.

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Why our sensor is better than a sensor mat?

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Pre-order & Save 100€ discount.

Or would you rather test the bed sensor without obligation? Then you can request a test device here. Test bed sensor

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